sup. Im adlina.
i cry over gay people

Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 07:54
A fever changes everything

“Damn Anthony, you’re hot.  Seriously.  You’re burning hot”
I ran into the kitchen and took a digital thermometer to check Anthony’s temperature. My heart broke into a million pieces when he tried to get up and said we should record Lunchtime w/ Smosh although he looks like he’s about to die.
“No Ant. You lay down and I’ll get a warm towel for you”
“But Ian, what about the fans?”
“Anthony, I’m sure they’ll understand.” 
I rushed back to the kitchen and took the towel which is soaking in a bowl of lukewarm water. When I got to his room he was vomiting all over the place. Jesus, this is serious. I’d better take him to the hospital.
“Ant, I’m going to take you to the hospital okay.”
Anthony didn’t say a word because he was too weak. I carried him to the car and rushed to the nearest hospital. The nurse placed Anthony on a wheelchair because he couldn’t walk. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I watched the nurse wheeled him to the emergency room. I waited anxiously for the results and then suddenly I felt somebody tapping my shoulder. It was the doctor.
“How’s Anthony? Is he going to be fine?”
“He is going to be fine young man. He just need some rest and I need you to make sure he takes his medicine. Can you do that?”
“Yeah, sure. Thanks”
Anthony was still weak when I took him home. I lay him down on the bed and sat next to him. It’s been a week since Kalel left him. I felt sorry for him but I am glad they broke up because I kinda have a little crush on him. I stroked his hair and he let out a muffled moan. I smiled and went out because I didn’t want to disturb him. I left the door open so that I could hear him calling me or anything.
The next morning I woke up on the couch with a blanket over me. I saw Anthony coming out of the kitchen bringing a plate of omelette. He looked really pale. His lips weren’t as pink as they used to be
“Goddamit Ant. You’re supposed to be in bed.”
“Relax Ian. You took care of me the whole night. This is the least I could do for you”
Anthony sat next to me and refused to go to bed until I ate his omelette. He looked really calm and relaxed. I want to tell him about my feelings but I’m worried.  I’m worried that my little confession might ruin our friendship.  Man up Ian. Tell him how you feel. 
I stopped eating the omelette and looked at him.
“What’s wrong Ian?”
“I wanna say something to you. Just don’t be mad.”
“Okay. This is creepy but you can tell me anything Ian”
I looked at his pale face and I kinda worry that I would make him sick again. I hate it when he’s sick
“Anthony. I kinda have a thing for you.”
“Fuck. I have a crush on you okay. Every night I think of you. I love the way you smile, laugh, flip your hair and stuff but I don’t want this to ruin our friendship. I just had to tell you this because I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m sorry Ant. I’m so sorry”
Anthony didn’t say anything. He just sat next to me quietly. Why did I even say that to him. I knew this would happen. I turned my face to Anthony and apologized again.
“I’m sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing?”
Before I could say anything, Anthony’s hand reached my face and pulled me close to his. His pale lips met mine and I knew that nothing would ever compare to that single moment when our lips touched. He finally broke the kiss and I kinda wanted more.
“I love you Ian”
“Yeah? How much?”
“Ian. No words can ever describe my love for you”
I felt happy when he said that. I sank into his warm embrace and closed my eyes. I can’t believe this is finally happening.

Monday, 28 January 2013, 08:33
, 08:17
Next time

Okay, so my mum is getting hitched...bla..bla..bla, I don't wanna talk about that. So friday I saw this AMAZING pair of platform shoes and I told her I wanted it and she was like "Okay, I'll get it for you tomorrow okay." Tomorrow comes and guess what? I don't see no shoes on my feet. But I wasn't mad because she said that she's going to buy it on sunday when she goes out. WITHOUT ME OFC. I reminded her so many times. Many many many times and she said. OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. So she went out with the guy and left me and my sister at my babysitter's house until 10.30 and when she comes home I STILL DON'T SEE ANY FUCKING SHOES. I'm so freaking pissed. All she said was NEXT TIME. Yeah, let me tell you about '''''''''''''''NEXT TIME'''''''''''''''''. When I was about 10 years old I wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon with her and she said ''''''''''''''''''''''NEXT TIME''''''''''''''''''''''''' and I asked her again, she replied''''''''''''''''''''''''''NEXT TIME'''''''''''''''''''''''''and I asked her again, she said'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''NEXT TIME''''''''''''''''''''''''' Now I'm 15 and I never went to Sunway Lagoon with her. NEVER. I went with my friend's parents but not her. You know what? I GIVE UP. I FUCIKNG GIVE UP.

Thursday, 24 January 2013, 03:08
Here's a fucking gay fanfic.

“Humph” Ian moaned as he pushed away Anthony’s hands and covered his face with the blanket. “It’s too early babe. Can you let me rest today? I’m still sore.”
Anthony’s face immediately turned sour. He grabbed a whip from the ‘Pleasure Room’, pulled Ian’s blanket roughly and whipped his thigh. His white thigh turned red and a huge smile was plastered on Anthony’s face.
“You little bitch. How dare you disobey me. Now I have to punish you. Get down on your knees. NOW.” Anthony grabbed Ian’s hair and pulled him down. “Now suck me you little whore, and don’t you dare cry this time or I will punish you.” Ian held Anthony’s hard cock and started sucking. He hated this side of Anthony but he never really talked about it because Anthony would always punish him if he complains. 
Anthony gave Ian a smack on the ass and commanded him to suck faster. Ian swirled his tongue around the head and Anthony let out a loud moan. “Open wide.” Anthony said while holding Ian’s hair. He ejaculated into Ian’s mouth and smiled. “Swallow it.” Ian swallowed Anthony’s cum and licked his fingers. 
Anthony stretched out his hand and lead Ian to a room filled with weird stuff. He calls it the ‘Pleasure Room’. “Sit there.” He pointed at a thin mattress on the floor. Anthony threw a duct tape at Ian and Ian gave him a puzzled look. “What do you want me to do with this Master?” Ian asked quizzically. “You were a good boy just now. So, I’m going to reward you. Tape me up” Anthony said with his hands stretched out towards Ian.
Ian’s lips formed into a sneaky smile as he continued to tape up Anthony’s hands and legs. “Now you’re mine.” Ian dragged the heavy spanking bench and placed Anthony on it. He took the the whip and started flogging him. Ian’s cock grew harder and harder after a couple of whips. The sound of Anthony shouting for help and moaning turned him on. 
Anthony’s buttocks were really red and his skin was peeling. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass.” Ian pulled Anthony down from the bench not even bothering to be gentle. He spat on his two fingers and inserted them gently into Anthony’s tight ass moving them inwards and outwards starting slowly and gently. 
When his anus was loose enough, Ian inserted his erect cock and moved in and out at a steady pace, teasing Anthony’s patience. “F…fuck Ian. Just go for it. Please.” Ian smiled and started pounding Anthony’s ass hard and fast. 
They both were moaning loudly and Ian grabbed Anthony’s cock and started stroking it for him. “A…Anthony, I’m going to…cum” Ian said between breaths. “Me too…Fuck.” Ian pulled out his cock and stroked it until his cum squirted all over Anthony’s body. He gave Anthony a hand by grabbing his balls and started sucking them. Now both of them are covered in white, sticky cum. Ian licked his cum filled hand and smiled. “I’ll get some cold water for your ass later” Ian said while showering Anthony with kisses. “That was awesome babe. We should do this more often.” Anthony giggled and they both immediately fell asleep on the thin mattress.

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I don't know whether to be sad or happy._.

I don't know whether to be sad or happy. I know it's a good thing but...... I just don't know. I feel weird but she's happy w him._. I don't wanna fuck everything up but I feel really WEIRD. Really really weird. *sigh* 

Friday, 4 January 2013, 11:00
Sore eyes

I iz retard.

, 10:35

BURN BITCH BURN! Lol, no, don't burn. I'm actually a very nice person but it's really hard to please people and thats why haters are born. I mean, we can't go around changing who we are just to please people right? What's the point of living then. You live to please people but you don't know what you really want. WHAT?! that is just fucking wrong. I'd rather die than live to please people. I hate the word CUNT. I just hate it. I will NEVER call anybody cunt because I hate that word. It's mean and rude and inappropriate. I don't care if you call me bitch or whatever but never call me a cunt because I will rip you fucking face of and feed them to pigs. I'm serious. I never called anybody cunt before to be honest and when I call someone a bitch or slut or whatever, I don't really mean it. I have anger issues. So yeah, be nice, don't be mean. 

, 04:09

I'm in love. *sigh* I'm in love with Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Why god why?
Seeeeeeeeeexy Ian Hecox
This is Ian. His hair is actually kinda bowl-ish like the Biebs before puberty but he looks hot here. LOOK AT THEM EYES. *sigh*
seeeeeeeeeeeexy Anthony
Oh Anthony. He's just so cute:"> I LOVE both of them but I like Ian more because he's so childish and cute. BUT! There's always a but..... they're taken by SUPER attractive girls:( Yeah. Even Shane is taken by a hot girl. They're 25 so our age difference is 10 years which is NOT TOO BAD. I'd date them ya kno. So when I'm 20 they're 30 and probably married. *tripplesigh*

Friday, 28 December 2012, 05:13
Made some gifs.

thank you

with love